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Direct support

A team of professionals will be dedicated to you to maximize the quality of your inventory and achieve the highest profitability.

With advanced technologies and a proprietary plugin, technical implementation and optimizations will no longer be a problem.

Technological Solutions

PreBid, Native Advertising, and Proprietary Solutions to enhance the performance of your ad placements.

Our twenty years of experience in distant galaxies will help us find the most suitable technological solution for your needs.

Advertising Formats

We will provide you with the know-how necessary to choose and implement the best formats to achieve the maximum in terms of speed and profitability.

Rich media formats, standard display, video, and native formats adapt to market needs.

Monitor performance

Galada, the dedicated dashboard for publishers.

You can monitor monetization performance, RPM, and VIEWABILITY of your formats daily. Quality and transparency at your fingertips.


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